It is important to mention a few things about the pantheon:

  • Specific gods can be worshiped anywhere, and worshipers of a particular deity can be found in any region.
  • Each region has a certain set of gods which receives the most institutional focus.
  • Great Harbor is a fairly cosmopolitan city, and temples or shrines to all the major deities and some of the minor ones can be found here.
  • While a region may focus on a small number of major deities, other minor deities can be venerated in that region as well.
  • None of the above applies to secret cults, which may worship the same deities in different ways or different deities in the same way.


Goddess of the Sun, Queen of the Day
Domains: Knowledge, Life, Light, Good, Chaos
Worshiped by: The A’bul Empire, The Citadels, Wild Nations


Lord of Darkness
Domains: Death, Tempest, War, Evil, Law
Worshiped by: The Citadels, The Penitents


Lady of the Flame, Hearth Sister
Domains: Fire, Light, Chaos
Worshiped by: Elven Dynasty


Earth Brother, Stone Father
Domains: Earth, Nature, Law
Worshiped by: Elven Dynasty, Dwarves


Lord of the Air, the Winged One
Domains: Air, Tempest, Trickery
Worshiped by: Elven Dynasty


Mother of the Water, Lady of the Lake
Domains: Water, Life, Nature
Worshiped by: Elven Dynasty, Wild Nations


Dreamer of the World
Domains: Knowledge, Death, Trickery
Worshiped by: Hidden Holdfasts


Queen of the Fey, Witch of the Wood
Domains: Nature, Tempest, Evil
Worshiped by: Wild Elves, Wild Nations


Lady of Blood, Lady of the Moon
Domains: War, Death, Blood, Evil
Worshiped by: Kazutl


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