Great Harbor

If you’re a street rat, a wealthy noble, a savage pirate or a merchant, chances are good you call Great Harbor home. Originally a series of small villages on the banks of one of the only harbors etched into the great white cliffs, Great Harbor slowly grew into a large city. With the recent discovery of gold in Rustand, Great Harbor’s growth has recently exploded. If you seek a safe shelter, a warm bed, or a fair market, Great Harbor will treat you right. If your heart yearns to fight (or become a member of) the Badgermen, to join (or destroy) the Scholar’s Tower, or to enlist in (or corrupt) the Stalwart Guardians, then Great Harbor is the place to be.


Great Harbor is the gateway to the Wild Nations, the home of the Dark Palace, and the largest city in the known world.

Politics and Governance

Great Harbor is home to several competing noble families:

  • House Calian is one of the strongest families, with Allyriana currently leading the family.
  • Clan Tramad is the oldest family in the city. Tramad Holdfast, their home, was the original settlement around which the rest of Great Harbor was built. They are led by Craftsman Thoric.
  • House Asher is a swiftly rising family. Their leader, Lady Arishat, is the Voice of the Small Council, and was stiff competition for Allyriana’s seat on the Grand Council
  • House Zaldunni is an old noble family with a strong military tradition. All members of the family serve for at least a decade, and the current leader, General Gerald, controls the Army while his sister, Maya, commands the Navy.
  • House Udale is led by Lord Zineg, who prefers the title Chief Councillor, as he rules the Greath Council and maintains an elected seat on the Small Council.

Great Harbor is ruled by the decisions of two bodies. The Small Council is made up of elected representatives, typically minor nobles and high ranking guild leaders. It meets for a week every month, and is considered to be the voice of the people. The current Voice of the council is Arishat, a savvy halfling noblewoman.

The Grand Council is an inherited seat, although it can change families from time to time.

Other significant players include the diplomats from other lands:

  • Lady Waijiao, of the Elven Dynasty
  • Lord Mubahof, of the Orc Empire
  • Sir Dutt, of the Citadels
  • Lady Staffette, of Dastere
  • His Royal Majesty Kralij VII, in exile from Kralistia

Religion and Temples

Temple of Andhere’s Glory
Fortress of Flame
Temple of Four Rivers

Districts and Neighborhoods

Great Harbor is a vast city, with many districts and neighborhoods, including:

The Arena
Eastern Docks
Western Docks
Official Docks
Walled Gardens
Dark Palace
Oldtown Farms
The Cloister
Henge Hill

Neighboring Kingdoms

On the international stage, Great Harbor dominates the Wild Nations but doesn’t control them and generally hasn’t attempted to, as the merchants prefer to profit off them instead. As a result, their closest neighbors are within the Wild Nations:

Guilds and Trades
Great Harbor is home to many moderate guilds and trade organizations, and even more small ones, but only a few wield significant power by themselves:

  • The Most Honorable and Beneficent Guild of Merchants is likely the most powerful group of men and women in the city, and even gained a Grand Council seat seven years ago.
  • The Dockworkers League is much more rough and tumble, but their ability to put the city’s trade to a standstill and fight off any who would cross them makes them a force to be reckoned with. If that weren’t enough, their members hold over two dozen seats on the Small Council, making them the largest voting block in the city.
  • The Scholar’s Tower holds the honor of being the largest library in the world, and has recently begun to arm itself against the predations of other groups within the city.


Great Harbor

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